Designed to be used in the Modern Clinical Environment

Acupuncture has always been known to give impressive clinical results, but it has struggled to find it’s way into the modern healthcare clinical environment. Seeing this need, the developers of the OrthoAcu Method composed a method of acupuncture that works hand in hand with other medical disciplines like Physical Therapy, Orthopedists, Chiropractic, and Pain Management doctors without losing the essence of acupuncture.

At the core of the method is the understanding of qi and blood within the body, not as a mysterious energy as often used in modern acupuncture literature, but as an aspect of metabolism that we feel is much closer to what the earlier classics of Chinese Medicine were expressing.

The OrthoAcu Method is not a new technique, but rather a reclaiming of older techniques with a solid foundation of the concepts of Chinese Medicine at its core. With that knowledge, we approach modern clinical methods and analyze them within the classical framework giving us better insight into proper clinical use.